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The foundation


As the foundations name already suggests we are particularly committed to support girls.

» Why girls?

Many children are disadvantaged, discriminated against and confronted with violence without protection, but girls disproportionately bear this burden. Seventy-two million children at school age do not attend school but fifty-seven percent of them are girls.

Girls are not only less frequently enrolled at school, they are also taken out of school more often than boys. Reasons for this can be found in the family, society and economic context. Parents are often not able to afford school fees and costs for teaching and learning material. Many girls have to take over household chores, help with field work and care for their siblings. Moreover millions of girls worldwide become mothers against their will and far before attaining legal age.


» Education is the key...

... for development of autonomy and independence. By means of education people become more confident and proactive. Through better education job prospects improve and consequently ensure long term economic security for oneself and for family members. Higher education further sustainably reduces the unjust distribution of income.

We simply believe that better educated girls can generate a brighter future for themselves, their particular region and for their entire country. And we hope that these girls will remember for the rest of their lives that people from different parts of the world helped them to come that far. Hence we also want to achieve a small contribution to peaceful coexistence on the planet.


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